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stats graph InternAlysis provides a Director of eMarketing to firms seeking to elevate their exposure, position within their industry and customer conversions.

I am Marc Bissonnette, owner of InternAlysis for the past fifteen years and an Internet marketing consultant for the past twenty years. I will work directly with and for your firm on a mid to long term basis, with a weekly commitment, without the expense of an in-house and dedicated D-level marketing executive.

After an initial series of interviews to determine mutual fit, you will have a director of marketing working directly for you for one to three days per week, depending on your needs and the immediacy of your goals.

Pricing is competitive and reasonable, compared to hiring a full time Director of Marketing. Before any agreement is reached, we will mutually agree to the timelines and milestones of your Internet marketing plan.

I bring over thirty years of personal Internet experience as well as twenty++ years of professional success. I apply proven, real-world marketing expertise, along with technologically current solutions and strategies to bring your firm to the top of your field.

Each company is unique within their industry: Your mid to long term plan will be tailored to you, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), customer trust and expertise building content, Social Media Marketing, site cross linking and more to bring more customers to your site, improve your conversion rates and customer retention, as well as increase loyalty and word of mouth promotion.

Click on "Services" to see what I will do for you and how it will be done, to give you a better idea of the benefits of a virtual Director of eMarketing.

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Virtual Director of eMarketing

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