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The process for hiring a virtual Director of eMarketing starts, of course, with the website you are currently visiting: Read through this document and take a look at the client list for an idea of the depth and breadth of experience being brought to the table.

The next step is contact via email initially, then by telephone. If an initial fit is felt between us, an in-person meeting is set up to meet your staff, see your location and get a better feel for your operation. Prior to this meeting, I will spend some time going over your web site to analyze its weak spots, where improvements will be made, as well as a first draft of the initial strategy. This will be a "broad strokes" plan that will be shared with you during the initial meeting, at which there is still no obligation or commitment between us. During the first meeting, it will be extremely helpful to have at least 120 days of your prior web site statistics available; This report from your host or ISP will ideally include:

  • Visits per day, week and month
  • Page views per day, week and month
  • Referrers, grouped by number of Visits
  • Average page views per visit
  • Top 30-50 URLs within your site
  • Top 30-50 entry and exit URLs for your site

There is much more detail to web statistics, though this can depend on both your host and the stats package they use. The above will give us a mutual starting point, as well as a metric for future milestones.

We will then discuss the goals for your firm, what your ideals are for your web presence, as well as the timelines you would like to see certain milestones reached.

Based on the above and assuming a fit is still agreed upon, we will then discuss the weekly and monthly time commitments from me to you - The balance of on-site versus remote presence from me you would like to see, as well as the budget for the position of virtual Director of eMarketing.

Pricing and cost

These days, a director of eMarketing will demand, on the low side, $80,000 and $150,000 and higher for those with a solid track record. For firms just exiting their seed capital stage, or just coming out of the start-up period, this can be a heavy hit when focus is on sales, product development and support.

As with all high efficiency and high profit custom solutions, a set-in-stone price is not possible without knowing what your needs and goals are. There are also several factors that can affect the bi-weekly invoice: These will depend on whether you have the in-house staff to implement regular strategy and recommendations or whether you are looking for someone to implement as well as plan your online evolution. Some of these factors are:

  • How many days per week do you require (This can be higher initially then reduced over time as our mutual strategies take effect)
  • How much time on-site do you prefer ? A virtual Director of eMarketing can perform all, part or none of the work on-site, depending on your comfort level and preference. This can also change over time: Beginning with a majority or frequent on-site collaborations and moving to the bulk being remote (and thus less expensive) work. Distance is a factor, too - We are based in the Ottawa Valley.
  • How much of the implementation can be done by your own staff ? How much can be done by the virtual Director of eMarketing and how much must be contracted to a third party ? With over twenty years of project and contract management, we work extremely well with both in-house (your staff) as well as third party solution providers.
  • Do you require exclusivity and/or non-compete ? While I would never work with your direct competitor, some feel it is worth the cost for industry-wide exclusivity.

With all those factors being considerations, your budget planning should accomodate between a one time $1,000 fee, if your requirements are limited to a telephone and/or on-site consultation, culminating in a detailed report and road-map for your own resources to implement, to anywhere between $15,000 to $50,000 per year, again, depending on your needs and factors listed above.

Site Review - Increase Traffic and Conversion report

Many site and business owners realize they need a helping hand to increase the traffic to their site, as well as the conversion rate (the number of paying customers your site converts from those that visit it), without wanting to bring on additional staff.

InternAlysis offers a detailed site review for $495.

What does this include ?

A traffic and conversion increase report is a page-by-page breakdown of the main sections of your site that lists areas of concern that need to be changed. It is not simply a list of things that are "wrong", but why they are not the best use of your site and what should be done to fix them with the goal of increasing both visitors and paying customers.

Where appropriate, improved or re-written wording for areas of concern of your site are provided, along with an explanation of why the suggesting wording will serve you better.

You will also get a personalized, to your site and business, breakdown of suggested maintenance activities which will show you what needs to be done on an ongoing basis to keep your traffic and paying customers increasing. No static, unchanging site is a successful site and neither can yours be.

Before any site review is commenced, we will perform an initial overview of your site - If we do not feel that many changes are necessary (After all, not all sites are bad!) we will let you know that the full site review process is unnecessary. If we feel that a traffic and conversion review would be beneficial to your site, we will provide you with a brief overview of the areas of concern and broad-strokes outline of areas we feel should be addressed. Should we be in mutual agreement that a traffic and conversion report would be beneficial, we will perform the work upon receipt of a one hundred dollar deposit. Upon completion of the work, an overview will be provided to you, outlining the areas of concern and improvement we have noted - Upon receipt of the balance of payment, the full traffic and conversion report will be released to you.

We will be available to you for both telephone and electronic mail support to explain or further detail our suggestions, should you feel the need.

To have us take a preliminary look at your site with absolutely no obligation, please contact us.

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