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Resource Name Used for
  • THE source for CGI's and CGI ideas!
  • December Communications
  • Just about anything you ever needed to know about HTML (Excellent resource!)
  • Freality Internet Search
  • Reverse phone number searches
  • People and Company searches
  • Meta Searches
  • Developer Links
  • HTML learning & development links
  • CGI Libraries, development and learning links
  • Internet marketing links
  • Ultra Edit and Ultra Edit Studio
  • Not exactly an Internet resource, but a software one. UltraEdit Studio is a powerful text-editor that any true programmer would find an absolosute godsend:
  • Complete HTML Colour Codes / Color Codes
  • All the hexadecimal codes to the HTML colour palette
  • Numeric Code Character Entities
  • HTML escape codes for various symbols and accented characters in everyday web content development.
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